Stress Management
Stress is a part of our everyday lives and can control our lifestyles, emotions, and relationships. Stress management is all about taking charge and finding balance. Effective stress management can help you break through the hold of stress and lead to a happier and healthier you. At Henderson Consulting, our therapists are trained and experienced in helping you identify your stressors and how to replace, cope, and adapt to them. There are many different techniques that can help reduce stress and make it more manageable, our therapists will help you find the techniques and skills that work best for you.
Parenting and Child Behavioral Problems
Many parents can feel stressed with everyday life and busy family schedules, when you add challenging behaviors it can be overwhelming. There are many different ways to work with and through a child’s challenging behaviors. The therapists at Henderson Consulting can help families dealing with parenting stress, challenging child behaviors, divorce, co-parenting, sibling issues, and more. We have staff members trained and certified in Nurturing Parenting and can modify the classes and lessons to fit each family’s needs. Our therapists work with parents individually, as a couple, children individually, and/or the family as a whole. Positive reinforcement, appropriate consequences, and planned family time can make a world of difference in quality of family life.
Communication Skills
All aspects of personal and professional interactions are affected by a person’s communication skills. Incompatible communication skills can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations and can build to awkwardness, tension, and arguments. Communication struggles can occur with bosses, coworkers, parents, significant others, children, etc. and carryover to other parts of a person’s life. Our therapists can support individuals, couples, and families with working through communication concerns by opening up communication lines and working on active listening, respectful communication, dialogue, non-verbal communication and various communication skills and interventions.
Children can experience a variety of stressors in their daily lives; death of a loved one, parental divorce, academic stress, peer relational problems, conflict with parents and/or siblings, moves, just to name a few. These stressors can lead to a variety of feelings, emotions and behaviors. Here at Henderson Consulting & EAP Services we work with children to help them understand why, how, and what, they are feeling. This can be done through talk therapy, sand tray therapy, or play therapy.
Adolescence is a unique time in life for the individual and their parents. This is the developmental stage in life where adolescents are exploring who they are independent of their parents, while learning boundaries and proper peer interactions. During this stage of life parents are learning to give adolescents their independence while still providing proper guidance. Henderson Consulting & EAP Services can help foster communication between parents and adolescents helping to create appropriate family boundaries, and rules, while also providing a safe place for each adolescent to discuss their daily stressors through individual therapy sessions.
Occasionally we serve clients that require additional services at school through an IEP, 504 plan or special accommodations. These additional services are to help the student overcome obstacles in their academic or social emotional skills. Several staff members at Henderson Consulting & EAP Services have worked within the school systems and bring an understanding of those systems to individual therapy. We partner with school counselors, school social workers, teachers and administrators to better serve the needs of our clients. We believe our partnership with schools can only help to benefit our clients to overcome their academic or social emotional obstacles.
Family Systems/Couples
We as humans need connection to flourish. When one person is struggling, the entire family system is affected. Each person reacts differently to an issue within the family causing several reactions from the family and its system. Treating the family as a whole unit and recognizing each individual’s roles and reactions is critical in family counseling to support the family system. The therapists at Henderson Consulting help improve family relationships, communications by helping individuals understand their actions, emotions, and perceptions and how they relate to the family.
Whether due to a chemical imbalance or a difficult life event, depression can make even the most basic daily tasks seem like too much. Engaging in counseling during a season of depression can help you address thoughts and beliefs that impact your mood, identify self-care strategies that improve your physical and emotional well-being, and develop the necessary support plan to navigate through depression.
The experience of anxiety can range from a general sense of unease, uncontrollable worry, and irrational thoughts to debilitating panic attacks and paralyzing fear. Anxiety can interfere with concentration, cause difficulty in decision making, and impair feelings of safety in daily life. Working with a therapist at HCEAP can help you learn to de-escalate the physical symptoms of anxiety and begin addressing the thoughts and feelings that are disrupting your life.
Life Improvement
Counseling can be an excellent resource to help you identify your goals and make a plan of action when you are seeking overall improvement in your enjoyment of life. Working with a therapist to help you define what it means to be the best version of yourself can help launch you towards more satisfying relationships, health, and sense of purpose. In the course of counseling, your therapist will help you identify barriers to goal achievement and create a plan to overcome these obstacles.
For many people, religion is a word that divides or brings shame to others who do not hold similar beliefs, however, religion can also remind us of the values that guide our lives and relationships with others. Healthy religious practices can be incorporated into our overall self-care and many find great comfort in their religion during times of distress. A counselor can assist you in finding resources for incorporating religion into your lifestyle.
Some have described human beings as a spirit that live in a body who have a soul made up of a mind, will and emotions. In other words, we are spiritual at the core of our being. There exists within us a need to connect with others, and an understanding of our specific purpose in life. The therapists at Henderson Consulting & EAP Services can assist you in discovering meaning for your life consistent with your spiritual journey.
Following the death of a loved one, you might get a couple of days or up to three weeks away from work to mourn. The effects of grief can overwhelm us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Often, employers, friends, family, and co-workers expect you to return to normal activities shortly after your loved one’s funeral service. If you are struggling with the death of a loved one, the caring professionals at Henderson Consulting & EAP Services are ready to listen, encourage and guide you through your unique grief journey.
Multicultural Competent Counseling
Henderson Consulting and EAP Services (HCEAP) offer therapeutic services that welcome ALL clients from diverse walks of life. Counselors are skilled at inviting clients to explore their personal identities; the dynamics of oppression on an individual, systemic, and institutional level; as well as work towards becoming an ally.