Mission Statement

Our mission is to collaborate with

workplaces and communities,

in providing education and mental health services

to their employees and families

with dignity, respect, and confidentiality.

Company History

This small business was founded in November, 2006 and is owned and managed by Gené Henderson, a veteran mental health specialist in the field of addictions. Henderson Consulting & EAP Services works with licensed counselors, subcontractors, and highly respected professionals in the State of Colorado. Since January 2007, Henderson Consulting & EAP Services has successfully managed to contract with over 40 businesses and workplaces along the Front Range.

We began with just one counselor in our original location at 3311 W. Carefree Circle. By 2009, we had five counselors and the business had outgrown our office space; so we moved into our current location at 6270 Lehman Drive, Suite 101. We brought along all of our original staff (and our red doors) and we added a counseling intern who, in 2010, became a full time staff member.

In 2014 we had grown to a staff of seven therapists and an office manager, as well as several subcontractors, all working together and sharing the vision and values of Henderson Consulting & EAP Services. We worked with our lanlord to renovate one of her office suites in a professional business park in Briargate. We opened the doors at our current location, 7750 N. Union Blvd. Suite 102 on January 5, 2015. This location offers additional patient confidentiality, more office space for clinical staff, an expanded administrative functional area, and a spacious training room with a refreshments station.

Quick Links

7750 North Union Blvd.
Colorado Springs CO, 80920
Phone: 719.380.1644
Toll Free: 1.888.380.1644
After Hours: 719.440.5807
Fax: 719.380.1694

Business Owner
Gené Henderson

Chief Operating Officer
Aaron Henderson

Busines Manager
Pamela Miller

Year Established
2006 in Colorado

Form of Ownership
S Corporation

Henderson Consulting & EAP Services is licensed to do business in the State of Colorado