Establishing a Drug Free Workplace

Today in the United States, 77 percent of all drug users over the age of 18 are employed either full or part time; that’s more than 10 million workers. The chances that your company employs a substance abuser, regardless of the size of your business or the number of employees you have, is greater today than it has been in the past several years.  Why?  Because substance abuse in America is on the rise and it hasn’t left the workplace out of its path of destruction.

What can employers do to curb the growth of substance abuse, including drug and alcohol?

Some employers may reason to themselves that they can’t afford to address the problem of substance abuse in their workplaces; the truth is, they can’t afford not to do something.

The following are five simple steps to start:

  • I.    Writing a Substance Abuse Policy
  • II.   Training Supervisors
  • III. Educating Employees
  • IV. Providing Employee Assistance
  • V.   Drug and Alcohol Testing


For many employers, workplace substance abuse programs work.  They save the company money and in some cases, they end up saving careers, families and lives. Henderson Consulting can assist you in establishing a Drug Free Workplace.